Basel English Panto Group presents: Untrained Heroes

Following last year’s excellent show from the Fine Comb Theatre, the Basel English Panto Group is proud to present “Untrained Heroes”.

Untrained Heroes explores the lives of those who have loved ones who fight for their country: the humble civilians who are the vital source of support for our soldiers. But these often forgotten heroes of war are fighting a battle of their own. The constant waiting and worrying; the separation and momentary phone calls; the breathless reporters filling screens with images but no real news; the hope that their loved one is surviving, whilst trying to survive themselves.

Through a collage of scenes and characters revealing a blend of hope, joy, fear and agony, Fine Comb theatre offers an insight into the real stories and lives of the untrained heroes

PLEASE NOTE: This show is contains strong language and adult themes and so is not suitable for children.


Thank you to everyone who auditioned


Word Decision and arrows over black

Word Decision and arrows over black


The auditions for this year’s panto have taken place. Thank you to everyone who auditioned. It was a pleasure to see so many people who are interested in being part of the show. Sadly we will not be able to case everyone. If you were not successful this year, don’t give up and try again next year. Every year is s different show with different roles you might not have succeed this year but next year there may the ideal role for you.

Announcing Dick Whittington Panto 2016

The auditions will in April at the Panto Cellar….more information to follow….


Thank you to everyone who helped, acted or watched Young King Arthur

Another panto has been performed and theatre is empty again. Thank you to everyone who helped out, acted or came to see the show. We are delighted to have entertained over 2000 people.

The planning has already started for next year’s show “Dick Whittington” and we will hold auditions in April. If you want to be the first to be informed please join our mailing list, using the link on the right hand side of the web page.

Looking for Directors and suggestions for future shows

Hello Everyone – here we are looking for Directors and suggestions for future Pantos . If there is anyone out there who would like to step forward with a proposal and a concept for a show then please contact the committee  and we will be in touch.’

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