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Starehe Girls’ Centre is just outside Nairobi in Kenya. It is a residential school that offers free secondary education to some 350 girls who are selected based on achievement, motivation and desire. They must not only have solid references and score well on standard national exams, but they must also be from disadvantaged backgrounds.  These girls are selected from all over Kenya representing all the provinces. They arrive with minimal supplies and clothes – or nothing at all.

Starehe represents the ‘dream come true’ for these girls. It is a place that is truly a home where they live on a 50 acre site that was donated several years ago. The school grounds and the teachers are provided by the government of Kenya – everything else is sponsored. The school has the same mission as the Starehe Boys’ Centre (in operation for 40 years): to provide an opportunity for destitute but talented youngsters to become educated; to go on to be leaders in their country; to make a difference. This they have accomplished. Now the Starehe Girls’ Centre is fulfilling the same mission.

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