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Steve Oliver_head shot_Mermaid.jpg

Steve Oliver

Once upon a time in Basel there came a man from New York City seeking work who one day happened upon a Panto production and has ever since found himself content living within a world of Kafkaesque absurdity by anchoring himself within the relative normalcy of acting out roles in this annual theater routine, and so on and so forth…

Mia Nordstrom_Headshot AIW 2021.jpeg

Mia Nordstrom

Mia caught the acting bug early at only 7 years old when she starred in the feature film Supercollider. She’s delighted to be playing the role of Alice and is thrilled to be a part of this fantastic production. When she’s not wandering through Wonderland, you’ll find her reading Harry Potter, playing her guitar, and baking cookies.

Henrietta Caspar_Headshot_AIW 2021.JPG

Henrietta Caspar

Henrietta has been doing theater since early childhood, and when she’s not bothering her friends with theoretical, existential questions, she can be found doodling or taking pictures… and working on her portfolio for art school! Jack and Henrietta have little in common besides their dashing good looks and great sense of humor.

Cathy Barker_Headshot_AIW 2021.JPG

Cathy Barker
White Rabbit

For the fifth year in a row, Cathy is delighted to be part of the fabulous Panto cast. This year, instead of playing a human sort of character, she’s attempting to “burrow” her acting style from the great Rabbit de Niro and “hopping” to make an impression as a bit of a baleful bunny with punctuality issues. Enjoy the show!

Amy Brice_head shot_Mermaid.jpg

Amy Brice

Amy is thrilled to be acting in her ninth Panto, this year in the role of the Queen. Panto is really a family affair for Amy since both her daughters (Claire & Alice) have acted in past productions and her husband Franklyn as contributed to set design/build. Amy is an active BEPG committee member and she is passionate about keeping the Panto alive in Basel for years to come.


Niggi Widmer

Niggi, 57, married with children. Niggi joined the Basel Panto in 1998. He will celebrate his 20th production this year being the King.

Briar McCall_Headshot_AIW 2021.JPG

Briar McCall
Mad Hatter

High school student Briar is mad about acting! She has portrayed a singing elephant, a talking cookie, and has even been attacked by aliens...twice! She followed her passion down the rabbit hole and found the role of the Hatter to be just her cup of tea. Hold on to your hats, folks - things are bound to get a little crazy!

Martin Spedding_Headshot_AIW 2021.JPG

Martin Spedding
March Hare

Martin is a veteran of numerous pantomimes having been first involved in Aladdin in 1995. He has acted, worked backstage and was for many years the secretary of the Verein and he remains on the committee. This year he’s proud to be the mad March Hare. Anyone care for a cup of tea?

Nia Yates_Headshot_AIW 2021.jpeg

Nia Yates

Nia has always loved performing and has taken singing, dancing or musical theatre classes since she was 3 years old. She performed in the Basel Panto twice, and she is super excited to get her first speaking role this year as the Dormouse. When not preforming, Nia can be found swimming with the Bottmingen and Oberwil Swimclub.

Tvesha Jani_Headshot_AIW 2021.JPG

Tvesha Jani

Tvesha is back to perform a mesmerizing character in this year's Panto. Since her last Panto, she has grown a few inches taller, lost a few teeth and changed her school. In addition to acting, she has a beautiful voice and has been performing solo vocal since she was 4 years old. Tvesha wishes this years Panto brings laughter, joy and happiness to everyone in this difficult time.

Jeanne Darling_Headshot_AIW 2021.JPG

Jeanne Darling

Jeanne, being the oldest member of English Panto, is superbly suited for the role of the know-it-all caterpillar. When not pontificating, she dabbles in papier-maché by constructing giant props for the stage.

Laura Billingham_Headshot_AIW 2021.JPG

Laura Billingham
Ms Hackett

Laura has been a member of the BEPG since childhood. She’s had various roles on stage, behind stage and even front of house! After an intense 2 year break to focus on her dream career she’s back on stage. She is delighted to act this absolutely wonderful and definitely totally kind, loving and caring Mis Hatchett... er Hackett!

Sarah Ali_Headshot_AIW 2021.JPG

Sarah Ali
Tweedle Dee

Sarah arrived in wonderland a while ago and is now the Tweedle Dee of the Tweedle twins. Dee may not be bright but he’s smarter than his twin Tweedle Dum. 

Ana Sofia Aillaud_Headshot_AIW 2021.JPG

Ana Sofia Aillaud
Tweedle Dum

After performing more serious plays at her local high school, Ana Sofía tries her hand at comedy as Tweedle Dum, a young citizen of wonderland with a love for tarts, wriggles and general tomfoolery. Even though she’s basically a native speaker, this will be only her second play in English!

Aeriel Cox_Headshot_AIW 2021.JPG

Ariel Cox

Ariel is a student who likes acting and singing! She was in last year's Panto as Baby Bear and is excited to be playing Brandy the orphan this year. 


Lucia Overell

Lucia has always been passionate about music, singing and performance. Her first major role in a musical was scuppered by Covid, so she is delighted to be back on stage playing the part of one of the mischievous orphans, Stella.

Sofia Montes.JPG

Sofia Montes

Sofia loves acting and dancing. When she heard she got the part in the pantomime Alice in Wonderland she was so excited. Sofia loves the role she plays. Both the character she plays and herself have similar personalities traits!


Lauren Januska_Headshot_AIW 2021.JPG

Lauren Januska

Lauren has been involved in musical theatre from a young age, beginning with the Ottawa School of Theatre in Ontario, Canada. Since moving to Basel in 2018, this will be her first production with the Basel English Panto Group. Lauren is in Grade 6 at ISB, she loves to dance, sing, read and play games.

Gilles Cottingham_Headshot_AIW 2021.JPG

Gilles Cottingham

This is Gilles' theatre debut but he has been to the Panto every year since he was four and is super excited to actually be in it this year. A budding story writer, actor, dancer and singer he mostly performs his self-written shows for family and friends. He is in third class in Hofstetten primary school, where his favourite subject is Deutsch.

Amy Jones_Headshot_AIW 2021.JPG

Amy Jones

Since seeing Beauty & the Beast in 2013, Amy has asked every year if she can be in the Panto. This year, her wish has come true! Amy is 11 years old and British, having lived in Singapore before moving to Basel. She loves art, to sing and dance, and is crazy about her Golden Retriever, Finn. 

Ivy Nordstrom_Headshot AIW 2021.jpeg

Ivy Nordstrom

Ivy makes her theatrical debut with this year's Panto and she couldn't be more delighted. Ivy spends time off-stage tumbling with her gymnastics troupe, making her own jewelry, and reading Percy Jackson. She hopes you enjoy the show!

Rhian Yates_Headshot_AIW 2021.jpeg

Rhian Yates

Rhian has loved singing and dancing from an early age and has enjoyed musical theatre classes in both Singapore and Geneva. She has lived in Basel since December 2018 and is very excited for her first Panto and to perform with her older sister, Nia. In her spare time Rhian enjoys art and horseback riding. 

Savuka Scollo Lavizzari_Headshot_AIW 2021.JPG

Savuka Scollo Lavizzari

Savuka loves dancing, Tik Tok, falling down and jumping. Savuka's favourite food is chicken nuggets and pizza. Savuka's dreams are falling like Alice and finding new friends. 

Isaiah Ben_Headshot_AIW 2021.JPG

Isaiah Ben

Isaiah is 12 years old and has been living in Basel for his whole life. He enjoys reading, watching TV, school, racket games and eating food/candy. This is his fourth Panto (if you count the virtual one last year) and he’s so excited to be a part of this year’s production. He hopes that you will enjoy it and have a WONDERful time.

Zenobia Lyman_Headshot_AIW 2021.JPG

Zenobia Lyman

Having played dress-up and sock puppets with her brother for as long as she can remember, Zonebia is very excited to perform in the Basel Panto as part of the chorus. Being new to Switzerland, this performance will be her acting debut and she’s very much looking forward to it!

Alessandro Orlandi_Headshot_AIW 2021.JPG

Alessandro Orlandi

Every day Alessandro spends his time singing out loud waiting for the Panto to start again! Second Panto and he's proud to be singing and dancing in the chorus. His positivity and smile are always up. He loves sports, music, dancing, staying outside, watching movies, and of course to be part of the Basel English Panto Group.

Olive Levine_Headshot_AIW 2021.JPG

Olive Levine

Olive has loved acting, singing, dancing, and musical theater since she was little, but she never got the opportunity to actually join an acting class or an actual play until she moved to Basel in 2019. As well as being in many school plays and concerts, she is so happy to be in the Panto, and hopes that others will enjoy it as much as she has!

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