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Scott Holland.jpg

Scott Holland

I am American and happily married with 2 fluffy (over-fed) felines. I teach acting and performance and like to be outside exploring this beautiful country. I also love writing, film and baking for friends/family. This will be my 8th BEPG Panto acting onstage, but I have also been behind the scenes on most productions. I’m very happy to be apart of this wonderfully talented cast/team and hope you will enjoy the show. Oh yes I do!

Karina Hill.jpg

Karina Hill
Young Rose

Hi, I’m Karina and this is my first year doing Panto. I love to sing and act so this seemed like the perfect opportunity, and I was right. It‘s been great fun rehearsing so I hope you enjoy the show. And being a natural napper sleeping on stage should be a walk in the park.

Milo Tobler.jpg

Milo Tobler
Prince Alexis

I'm Milo and I am thrilled to be playing the role of the Prince in my Panto debut. Ive been on stage ever since I was 6 years old, mostly going rogue as one of the seven little goats or causing mischief as Michael Banks in Mary Poppins. Although in the past few years Ive always managed to score the roles of the lovers. I wonder what changed in my Teenage years...

Meli Romero.jpg

Meli Romero
Young Rose

Hi! I’m Amelia, I'm eleven years old, and I’ll be playing the young Princess Rose. I recently moved to Switzerland and luckily I found the Basel English Panto Group. It is my first time acting and singing on stage and it has been so much fun and I’ve made amazing memories. I hope you enjoy the show as much as I have.

Christina Ball.jpg

Christina Ball
Queen Marigold

Hi! Christina here - Jersey girl, wife, mother, teacher and now, Queen Marigold. Panto was my destiny since I was awarded Class Clown and Biggest Loud Mouth in grades 8 and 12. I am super excited for my acting debut! Special thanks to my students Clara and MJ for teaching me all I know about drama!

Sascha Frassini.jpg

Sascha Frassini
King Cactus

Born and raised here in Basel, I lived in Canada for 25 years before returning home a few years ago.
I was bitten by the theatre bug about 14 years ago and have performed in several community plays and also been doing a lot of improv theatre in English and German on both sides of the ocean.
Sleeping Beauty is my first Panto and I am thrilled to play King Cactus. For Niggi!

Sebastian Buel.jpg

Sebastian Buel

Some say the ability to get confused is what separates man from beast, which would make me the defacto perfect casting decision for the illustrious Muddles and, to a lesser degree, the ultimate human. I started preparing for the role twenty years ago, when I was born 2 weeks late and have since applied this skillset wherever I could.

John Hyland.jpg

John Hyland

John C. Hyland. Aged 60. I've been in the Panto in various capacities since 1999. I hope you're seeing this on the last night. Usually I've learned my lines by then.

Kathy Kruopwicz.jpg

Kathryn Krupowicz

I am absolutely thrilled to be making my debut at the Panto production in the role of Fetch. A long time ago (over 30 years), in a land far away (Long Island), I experienced the joy of being in a theater production. The memory of it still makes me smile. Today, it's an honor to be a part of this fantastic production and share the stage with such incredible talent. I will do my best to bring Fetch to life on stage and I hope you have many good laughs. Oh yes, you will!

Ilektra Apostolopoulou.jpg

Ilektra Apostolopoulou
Bad Witch Hazel

Greetings all! This is my first chance to show you all my wicked side muhahaha. I was born in Greece but then fate sent me all over the world casting my magic everywhere. I have reigned over Basel for a year now, and I like living here a lot. I guess you can tell from the title of the play that I love sleeping (I am the true beauty here but don’t tell Rose this, shh!) and I pretend to be a marketer to mask my true identity…

Lara Jegge.jpg

Lara Jegge
Fairy Lilac

This year I've taken off my piggy snout and replaced it with fairy wings. Taking on the role as Fairy Lilac I couldn’t be more excited. When I’m not busy waving my wand and quarelling with evil witches I can be found over the hills and far away in the distant land of Zuzgen tending to my side quests :) Panto is a family, and I hope you enjoy the show

Anika von Heyden.jpg

Anika von Heyden
Fairy Blue

I'm the Blue Fairy in this Panto, especially perfect for me since blue is my favourite colour. This is the first time I've been in a Panto, and I'm very excited to be here! I love creating and drawing Manga characters and cartoons, which brings me lots of joy. I also enjoy singing especially when I'm also dancing. I hope you enjoy the show!

Salome Lian-Carroz.jpg

Salomé Lian-Carroz
Fairy Green

I'm Salomé, a 9 years old who plays the Green Fairy. London born in an international family, I'm multi-lingual so I help my dad out as his translator. This is my first Panto facing the audience, and I've loved every moment of it. Hope you enjoy it too. In my spare time, I'm an avid singer (...think Westend London Musicals), dance like there's no tomorrow and bake way too many cakes for my family & friends!

Savuka Scollo Lavizzari.jpg

Savuka Scollo
Fairy Amber

As my third Panto ever, with my first ever speaking role, I'm thrilled to be apart of this year’s Sleeping Beauty. In the last two years, I was in the chorus in Little Red Riding Hood & Alice in Wonderland. I've started my new school and it’s amazing - I truly love it as much as Panto. My favorite thing to do is make edits online and dance my heart out. Hope you enjoy the Panto this year and so on.

Ivy Nordstrom.jpg

Ivy Nordstrom
Fairy Yellow

Hi! My name is Ivy and this is my third Panto! I’m thrilled to have a chance to play the Yellow Fairy. When I’m not on stage, you will find me tumbling with my gymnastics team or shooting my rifle. Hope you enjoy the show!

Ellis Ruppert.jpg

Ellis Ruppert
Fairy Red

My name is Ellis (like the island not the wonderland), and I'm excited to join the Rainbow Fairies as Fairy Red! Recently you may have seen me in the role of Minou in Emil und die Detektive at the Theater Arlecchino or singing with the Musik-Akademie’s Kinderchor Sforzato. Thanks to my godfathers, Tim & Scott, I’ve been coming to the Basel Panto as long as I can remember. Enjoy the show!


Suzanne Lucas.jpg

Suzanne Lucas

This is my second time in the Basel English Panto and I'm thrilled to be back, waltzing my way across the stage. When I'm not performing in the Panto, you'll find me on a stage speaking about using Improv Comedy to make your career better and your HR department work better.

Reno Truessel.jpg

Reno Trüssel

After having enjoyed many a Basel Panto matinée, I'm excited to finally be onstage as part of this lovely tradition. I've been singing all my life and pleased to be adding my voice to the chorus.

Conor Francombe.jpg

Conor Francombe

I'm 20 years old and have been living in Hofstetten for the majority of my life. I enjoys coding, reading, watching movies and shows but especially I love acting. This is my second Panto after participating in and loving last year's show where I played Laurence the pig in Little Red Riding Hood. I'm very excited to be part of this year's production of Sleeping Beauty and will do my best in the chorus. I know that his fellow castmates will make this year's Panto a great show and that there will be lots of laughs and cheering from the audience for our amazing leads.

Amy Brice.jpg

Amy Brice

It's hard to believe that this is my 12th Panto! This year as Bridget, a scatterbrained member of the royal court, which is a fun change to more serious roles as a Himalayan-trekking Granny in Little Red Riding Hood (2022) and the Queen in Alice in Wonderland (2021). I’m British born, Canadian raised and a Kanton AG resident for over 17 years. Proud mum of two beautiful daughters (former Panto actors), married to Franklyn Spence for 30 years and recently launched a new global business called Life is extraordinary!


Altair Koechlin.jpg

Altair Koechlin

Sleeping Beauty is my second Panto. After being a wild woodcutter in the cast last year, this year I'm taking a different approach playing Admiral Tenderloin von Wurstenburger Head of Palace Guards - A proud member of the chorus. When I'm not on stage, I can often be found in my voice acting studio producing audio dramas and more.

Ollie Gebhardi.jpg

Ollie Gebhardi

My name is Ollie Gebhardi. I've played in the Panto once before and am very happy to be playing again this year! I used to do kickboxing and breakdancing, both of which I am still very fond if; however, with school I have put a hold on these activities.

Oliver Cain Birkmose.jpg

Oliver Cain Birkmose

I'm an American and Danish citizen and have lived in Basel for 11 years. I'm a musician playing keyboard, acoustic, electric and bass guitar. After being a long time fan of the Panto, I'm finally joining in this year in my first Panto as a chorus member.

Francheska Yarzhynova.jpg

Francheska Yarzhynova

I came to Switzerland from Ukraine almost two years ago. I like to draw and read. I'm studying to be an illustrator, I want to come up with stories and draw pictures for them. I also like to listen to different music, sing, dance, and change outfits... Panto is the best place for this.

Olivia Laubscher.jpg

Olivia Laubscher

Hi, my name is Olivia. I'm 16 years old and I love doing sport. I used to play theatre in a small scale but this is my first Panto. My favourite thing is just lying on my bed and sleeping.

Aino Kaminen.jpg

Aino Kaminen

I'm Aino and I’m 14 years old. I come from Finland and England and I like beans on toast. :) It's my first time being in Panto. I have watched Panto almost every year since I was 3, and I'm so excited to be a part of this year’s show. Other than Panto, I enjoy swimming, sketching and being in the company of animals, and spending time with family and friends. I hope you enjoy this year's show.

Amy Jones.jpg

Amy Jones

Hi, I’m Amy! I’m in the chorus & dancing. I’m 13 yrs old and English although I was born in Singapore. This is my third Panto in a row, but I’ve been watching them since 2013 and I love it! I enjoy singing, shopping, music, shopping, dancing & more shopping! My favourite singer is Taylor Swift, and I can’t wait to see her in Zürich next year. I talk a lot, especially about my Golden Retriever, Finn.

Isaiah Ben.jpg

Isaiah Ben

Isaiah’s the name, and I'm excited for my Panto No. 6. I enjoy the art of playing tennis, the symphonies of playing the piano and the grandeurs of Panto. I also enjoy eating and sleeping, normal teenager behaviour. Just make sure you don’t fall asleep during the show!

Malou Cain Birkmose.jpg

Malou Cain Birkmose

Hello my name is Malou this is my second Panto after watching them since I was 2 years old. This year I will be in the chorus and you may see me in other scenes as a witches minion aka a dancer. To be in this year's Panto is like a dream, and by the way I hope you enjoy this trip to dreamland.

Sophia Evans.jpg

Sophia Evans

I’m Sophia Lily Evans, and I'm making my Panto debut this year in the chorus after watching Panto since being 2 years old. I love reading, gymnastics, acroyoga.

Daisy the Cow

Yosuke von Heyden.jpg

Yosuke von Heyden

Kat Romero (Daisy the Cow).jpg

Kat Romero

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